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Classes are One on One, or can be run for a group as a One Day Photo Outing in a scenic Massachusetts location!

Required Materials:

All photography students are required to have the following materials:
– A digital camera, DSLR preferred, point and shoot is fine, cannot be a phone camera
– A computer with your choice of editing software installed
– Access to models or appropriate subject matters
– Internet access and the capability for video classes
– paint class students will be given a materials list

Class Scheduling and Cost:

Each Course is 2 hours held once a week for 4 weeks consecutively, unless alternatively scheduled in advance. Student cancellations last minute may result in loss of class time.

Classes are $500 per 4 class session.

Intro to Portraiture

Classic lighting, pin up poses, or just a better image of your darling child – the uses for a good portrait are endless. Explore in this 4 week online course what makes a good portrait, how to use natural and artificial light to your advantage, and what posing tricks help your model play to their best features.

Intro to Landscapes

A 4 week online course exploring the ins and outs of landscape and nature photography. Learn what made photographers like Ansel Adams so successful, and explore how to get the best out of your images on each outing.

Move the slider to see the editing!

Digital Editing 101

So, you’ve taken a ton of images but what you see in your head isn’t what you see on your screen. Not to worry! Learn in this 4 week online course how to shape your images using Photoshop or Lightroom to pull the images in your head out of the images on your screen.

Color Photography 101

In this intermediate 4 week online course, learn the advanced techniques of color photography, building on existing knowledge of composition and photography basics. You’ll explore how to use color as a building block, the techniques for adjusting and augmenting lighting without artificial lights, and tricks for making sure your timing is always right.

One Day Photo Intensive – Group Sessions

A great activity for a large or small group! Spend one day in the field with me, learning all the tricks for getting memorable photos you’ll want to frame immediately. Centered on scenic Massachusetts, you can choose a stroll through the city, a leisurely walk along the rocky coast, or a hike through the woods.

Pricing is dependent on group size, minimum of 4 people. Groups larger than 10 may be split into multiple groups depending on size and needs. Please contact us for pricing.

Painting 101

Painting has never been easier! In this course you’ll learn plein air (that is, in the outdoors) as well as from your own favorite photographs, just like the pros. We’ll cover the basics of watercolor and a little color theory, and plenty of hands on time.

Field Retreats

Get away from everything and dive into the world of Nature Photography or On Location Portraiture.

Contact us for details on our 2023 excursions!

Acadia National Park
4 day Excursion

Spend a long weekend in the wilds of Acadia National Park and explore how to best photograph this dynamic landscape while preserving the beauty of the natural wonders.

Natural Light Portraits
Weekend Studio Retreat

Join me for a weekend long retreat to learn the secrets to a great portrait. We’ll explore natural settings, natural and augmented lighting, and what tricks to use to get your models at their best.

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